Office of Court Interpreter Services (OCIS)

About Arkansas Court Interpreters

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provides interpreting services for individuals who have a limited ability to understand English, are deaf or hard of hearing, or are unable to speak. Removing barriers to communication helps ensure that all persons receive fair and equal access to justice.

The AOC is charged by law and Supreme Court per Curiam Order with the responsibility for the certification and matters related thereto of foreign language interpreters for Limited English Proficiency (L.E.P.) individuals, witnesses, or victims in the state and local courts of Arkansas. The AOC must also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing qualified interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing. The AOC provides interpreting services during court proceedings or directly related actions. The AOC Court Interpreter Services maintains a Registry of Certified Court Interpreters who may be contracted directly by attorneys, law enforcement officers, jail officials, other state agency employees, social workers or mental health workers for interpreting services.

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