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Attachment Date Published
Civil and Criminal Benchbook December 2022
District Court Benchbook August 2017
Domestic Relations Benchbook December 2022
Probate Benchbook December 2022

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Benchbook Disclaimer

Arkansas benchbooks are a resource for members of the judiciary. The books attempt to take relevant statutes, court rules, case law, and forms for a particular area and consolidate them into one document. The benchbooks do not carry any legal authority and should not be cited in legal proceedings or documents.

Readers are encouraged to use the books as a quick reference to applicable law. To ensure judges have an accurate reflection of the law, hyperlinks have been included to direct the reader to relevant statutes, court rules, and case law.

Historically, the books are updated after every substantive legislative session so that the judiciary is aware of changes in statutory provisions. When the books are updated, new cases are highlighted that may be helpful to judges as they consider issues. Each book includes the date it was last updated on the front cover.

Drafters of the benchbooks strive to report all information free from opinion or commentary.