Arkansas Court Improvement Program (ARCIP)


The Arkansas Court Improvement Program (ARCIP) is funded by three federal grants (Basic, Data & Technology, and Training) that support improvements in programming, data and technology, and training addressing dependency and neglect of children in Arkansas.
Basic Grant
ARCIP provides technical assistance to judges, court personnel, attorneys, and other stakeholders who work with youth and families in the foster care system by assisting in program planning, strategic planning, collaboration building, and court assessment and evaluations. Judicial districts and their stakeholders may apply for funding from ARCIP to address their technical assistance and training needs. The basic grant also allows ARCIP to build relationships with and support programming through the UALR Bowen School of Law's Legal Clinic and UALR School of Social Work.
Data Collection & Analysis Grant
ARCIP has a data exchange program with the Division of Children and Family Services called DNet. The database is statewide and allows attorney ad litems, parent counsel, judges, CASA, and DCFS workers access to court information regarding dependency-neglect cases. In 2013, this exchange included data from the Department of Education in order to analyze education outcomes for foster youth. 
Training Grant
ARCIP coordinates the annual Children in the Courts Conference as well as assists in other conferences and trainings throughout the state including the CASA Conference and Attorney ad Litem and Parent Counsel Conference. ARCIP assists court teams and their stakeholders in finding speakers and facilitating trainings at the local level.


Makeisha joined the AOC/CIP in 2007 as the CIP Data Analyst. Prior to joining the AOC, she worked in the banking industry as a trainer where she was responsible for the development of training material, and the training of new banking clients on the software applications. Within the same company, Makeisha began her career as an applications developer where she developed programs to support banking products, and provided technical support for the daily banking operations.

Makeisha obtained a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University in 2001. She obtained her Master in Public Administration from Webster University in 2015.