Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Specialist works with the Director of the Juvenile Division to provide education, training, and assistance to juvenile courts and their staff in the area of juvenile justice.  The Juvenile Justice Specialist:

  • Researches juvenile justice initiatives and innovative programs utilized in other jurisdictions and collaborate with Juvenile Division leadership to develop and implement relevant programs in Arkansas
  • Stays knowledgeable concerning evidenced-based tools, screenings, and assessments utilized in the field of juvenile justice and provide necessary training to implement the use of tools by juvenile officers statewide.
  • Works closely with juvenile officer leadership statewide to assess the needs of juvenile intake and probation officers and ascertains the appropriate services and/or programs to address those needs.
  • Provides leadership and direction in instituting effective juvenile justice diversion programs and practices.
  • Works with DYS, service providers, and other participants in the juvenile justice system.
  • Plans and conducts initial certification training for juvenile intake and probation officers around the state and offers additional trainings in juvenile officer best practices. 

Kevin Hoffman is the AOC Juvenile Justice Specialist and may be reached at kevin.hoffman@arcourts.gov or 501-410-1957.

Newly hired Juvenile Officers are required to complete forty hours of juvenile officer certification within the first twelve months of employment.

The Administrative Office of the Court conducts two twenty-hour in person juvenile officer certifications year.

The first twenty hours of certification are online. New juvenile officers shall complete the online training and testing prior to registering for the in-person certification.  The online training is designed to teach juvenile officers how to facilitate various validated risk and needs assessments per Arkansas 9-27-368 and Arkansas Act 189.

Juvenile Officers have thirty days to complete the online training and testing after verification of registration from the Juvenile Justice Specialist. To register for the online certification, please click here https://forms.office.com/g/sAqRY9ZYrx.

Please email kevin.hoffman@arcourts.gov upon completion of registration.

Juvenile Justice Forms & Documents

Title PDF
Bylaws- Juvenile Officer Subcommittee
Juvenile Officer Salary State Reimbursement Form
Juvenile Officer Slots 2024
Juvenile Officer State Reimbursement Guidelines
Supplemental Juvenile Court Funds Application 2024