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The USAAPP Application allows a delegated administrator of local user security accounts to create or terminate a user account.


  • Accommodates the approved administrator to create a new user account by
  • copying the security of a selected active user security access.
  • Provides the approved administrator access to two reports, an active user
  • and a terminated user listing report.
  • Streamlines and improves the timeliness of creating or terminating a user account.
  • Only one approved Administrator account per court or approved state agency (ACC) is granted access to application.

Court Services App

The COURTSERVICES Application provides the courts with the ability to manage service documents created in error. The COURTSERVICES grants the courts the ability to flag and delete the document created in error.


  • Allow Courts access to maintain accurate data on a case and party.
  • Alleviate the multiple steps and waiting time it takes to delete the service document.
  • A secure application to correct service document errors internally.