Statement and Core Values

Our mission is providing technology to ensure justice.

Our vision is innovative technology supporting access to justice anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Our Core Values


We believe that working in a family-oriented welcoming environment is where we want to be.  We believe that being supportive, accepting, respectful, trusting, and caring about one another will help us maintain a workplace where people want to stay.


We believe in open and honest positive communication.  We believe in giving and receiving constructive feedback.  We believe in listening to others so that everyone has a voice.  We believe in asking for clarification to improve understanding.   We believe that we should assume positive intent in interactions with our teams.


We believe in embracing change.  We promote diversity of ideas and WOWing our customers.  We believe in looking forward to where we want to be and focusing on how we get there.  We believe in trying new ways of working with courage, curiosity, and enthusiasm.  We will work with a sense of urgency to meet our customers’ needs and delight our customers by delivering results.


We believe that working together we can hold each other accountable to achieve great things when we put the team first over individual interests.  We believe in helping and learning from one another to become our better selves.  We believe that transparent, self-organizing, empowered teams can rapidly deliver value to our customers.


We believe in acknowledging excellence, recognizing and celebrating achievements, and having fun.  We believe in building up our teams by supporting professional growth, training, development, and educational opportunities.  We believe that passionate and enthusiastic team members who are appreciated will take us to new heights.