Our Build Initiative

Where are we now? 

By the end of 2022, the build teams had completed the following work: 

Case Management Area

  • A user can manually create, update and search for a case.   Currently, case level information only is available.
  • Functionality is currently in testing that allows a user to add participants to a case.  First a search is conducted to determine if the person is already in the system.  The search returns a list and the user can select the appropriate party to add them.  If the search doesn’t return the appropriate party, then the user is directed to person management to add them.
  • Clearly marked case parties and associations for Plaintiff, Judge, and Defendant.
Person Management Area
  • The functionality is available where a user can create, update and search for a person or entity.
  • Person information includes demographic information and a list of all cases associated with that person or business with some case detail information.
  • The team has also added security functionality for authentication and authorization of users.  A court admin can approve user accounts and set the security levels for their staff.  Functionality also includes the ability for a user to reset their password.
  • A central data repository has also been built to hold legacy data from current systems and data from the new system.


What's next? 

The AOC has engaged the following vendors to provide guidance, knowledge and resources in the development of the new court management system: Slalom, TEKSystemsMainstream, and Conduo.  The teams are currently engaged in a six-week Discovery Phase with the vendors in order to bring them up to speed with the needs of our courts in regards to the new system, to plan out an approach for development, and to assemble resources.  The new build development teams are targeting March 8th to begin Sprint 0 for the first construction phase.


Previous Build Release Notes

Read more about what we have accomplished in each phase of the previous build project.

Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes
[MMR1-MVP1] Initial Case Level Info Case Management [MMR1-MVP2] Initial Entity Info Person Management [MMR1-MVP3] Additional Case and Entity Details