Our Build Initiative

Development teams were created in April to begin laying the foundation for a new court management system. The High-Level Roadmap to a Minimum Viable Product [MVP] is to:

  1. Replace the legacy online access portal: Public CourtConnect
  2. Build enough for district courts not using Contexte to manage Traffic & Minor Criminal Cases
  3. Continue to enhance until courts at all levels can manage Traffic & Minor Criminal Cases
  4. Add functionality so all remaining case types can be managed at all levels
  5. Move into a continuous improvement, continuous delivery cycle

Where are we now? 

Online Public Access 1st Release 

It's time to retire Public CourtConnect and introduce Search ARCourts!

The new Search ARCourts experience includes:
• Streamlined search tool for Arkansas court cases
• Enhanced search options, advanced filtering, and intuitive interface
• Simplified access to public court information

Share your feedback with us at acap.help@arcourts.gov.

Search ARCourts

Search ARCourts Landing Page

What's next? 

Case & Identity Access Management 1st Release 

Development focus has been on creating and adding users with the appropriate level of authorization as well as the ability to initiate a filing and case creation.  In January, some vendor staff will begin to roll off the project; identity and online public access teams will consolidate with the case management teams to expand development work to include the addition of accounting, charge code maintenance, and scheduling. 

Targeting summer 2024 for the first MVP release of the new case management system for district courts currently not on Contexte for Traffic & Minor Criminal cases.